Hemant Gupta

UX Designer II @Zeta

M.Des Interaction Design
National Institute of Design, India

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Ongoing Porject | UX | Jun 2019 - Present


Customer authentication optimised. Get future ready with the most advanced ACS.

As per NDA signed with Zeta, I cannot disclose any details on my website. However we can discuss my role, responsibilities and contributions in the project in an offline interaction.

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Live Project | UI/UX | Jan-Jun, 2019

Niyo Bharat

Designed the SME portal website and Niyo Bharat mobile app, for salaried employees and the blue-collar workers to access financial services.

πŸ‘‰ View Project: SME Banking Portal

πŸ‘‰ View Project: NiYO Bharat App

πŸ‘‰ Tech Crunch: India’s NiYO β€˜neo-bank’ raises $35M to help blue-collar workers access financial services
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Graduation Project | UI/UX | Jun-Dec, 2018

Samsung Rewards Platform

Propsed concept of a rewards platform which enables users to discover newer Samsung services and redeem their existing points from a single point access.

Due to the NDA signed with Samsung, I cannot disclose the details on my website. However we can discuss it offline for interview purposes.

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Side Project - Concept | UI/UX Design | 2018

PlayUp Mobile App

Let’s you play your faviourate sport - anytime, anywhere with anyone!

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Design Project 3 @NID | UX | Feb-Mar, 2018

Cab Drivers Experience

Making the experience more simpler, safer and profitable for the aggregator services’ cab drivers. Considered Ola as a case study for suggested feature enhancements.

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Research Project @NID | Tangible User Interaction | Jul, 2017

Focus Pen

An IoT solution for Future of Digital Note Taking.

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Design Project 1 @NID | UX | Mar-April, 2017

Inside Video Experience

Taking YouTube as case study to explore new ways to interact with online videos. Enabling various uses cases in academics and office meetings video consumption by respective users.

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IIT-Guwahati | Wearable Design Competition, Finalist | 2016

WEX: Wearable Execiser (IoT)

To design a modular and holistic health wearable device accompanied with a mobile app.

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